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Dr. Latimer wrote a mental health column in the Kelowna Capital News for about 15 years. During that time he covered a broad range of issues in psychiatry, mental illness, and stigma surrounding mental illness. He and his daughter Megan Stobbe have published a compilation of these columns in book form.
The book has 16 sections: General Issues; Mood Disorders; Anxiety Disorders; Attention Deficit Disorder; Personality Disorders; Addictions; Aging; Childhood and Parenting Issues; Miscellaneous Disorders; Genetics and Molecular Biology; Therapies; Clinical Research; Homelessness and Poverty; and Miscellaneous topics that don’t fit neatly into any other section.
It is written for the public and meant to clarify aspects of psychiatry and mental illness about which many people are poorly informed or confused.

Mental Health Matters makes a useful reference, excellent gift or collector's item.

You may purchase it today for $9.95 in person at the office of Okanagan Clinical Trials (204-1353 Ellis St., Kelowna, BC) 


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